About Hank Grebe

Hank Grebe is a multimedia visual artist and photographer born 1952 in New York, NY and grew up in Setauket, Long Island, NY. He is the grandson of Alfred H. Grebe, a pioneering radio manufacturer and founder of New York City's first radio station, WCBS radio. Hank's work has been influenced by the arts and media of New York, and the beauty of Long Island's scenic beaches and wetlands. His work reflects a love of humor and the mysteries of spiritual realms.

Hank studied fine art and art history at Cornell University (1970-71), The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1971-74), and University of Wisconsin-Madison (1979-83). While in Boston, Hank worked with Steven Lisberger on Cosmic Cartoon, a traditional cel animated 16mm film. When Lisberger wrote and directed TRON, Hank took notice and began serious study of computer graphics techniques at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At that time (1980), computer art programs had to be developed by innovative students; the field was too new for colleges to support full programs and departments in comporter graphics. Also at Wisconsin, Hank studied serigraphy (fine art silk screening) under Dean Meeker, a pioneering Guggenheim Fellow in the field of print making and graphic arts.

As a photographer, Hank began shooting, processing and printing black and white photographs in high school. His photos of the rock scene of the 70's and 80's U2, R.E.M., The Replacements, Captain Beefheart and punk scene have appeared in books, album covers and film documentaries.

Grebe left UW's MFA program and entered the world of professional computer animation in 1983, working at New York Institute of Technology's Computer Graphics Lab, where many 2D and 3D computer graphic tools were first developed. At NYIT CGL Hank animated the first 3D Gumby character, helped build 3D heads of Kraftwerk, directed post-production editing of CGL animation projects, animated shots for Devo's "Are You Experienced?" music video, and created animation loops for New York Palladium club's video wall.

In 1992 Hank organized, wrote and edited the course material for a SIGGRAPH conference course presented in Chicago, Interactive Multimedia Authoring & Publishing, and presented the course at InterCHI Amsterdam in 1993.

From 1995 to 2014, Hank focused mostly on digital graphics, 3D computer animation and interactive design. Hank led the animation completion team on PDI/DreamWorks' SHREK 2 full length animated feature, retouching and enhancing the computer animation and effects for the final release print. His 3D computer generated illustrations and photographs are represented by Adobe Stock and SuperStock stock image agencies.

Today Hank has returned to oil painting compositions using traditional brushes and materials.